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The Hash House

The ‘Hash House’ was the mildly derogatory nickname given (for its unimaginative, monotonous food) to the Selangor Club Chambers, by the British Civil Servants and businessman who lived and dined there. Originally, the ground floor housed the main Selangor Club dining room, and between the two World Wars it became a social centre of the times, used regularly for lunch time meals by the members who worked in the immediate vicinity.

Situated close to and behind the present Selangor Club, its function changed after independence in 1965 and it became a key office for the local Water Board, the place where all Kuala Lumpur (K.L.) residents came to pay their water bills. Sadly, it gave way to the relentless march of time around 1974, being bulldozed to the ground under the north-bound lane of Jalan Kuching. The buildings housing the original stables and servants quarters are still in existence.

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Ancient Harriers

The idea of Harriers chasing paper was not new to Malaya in 1938, as there had been such ‘Hare and Hounds’ clubs before in Kuala Lumpur and Johore Bahru, and there were clubs in existence in Malacca and Ipoh (the Kinta Harriers) at the time. “Horse” Thomson (one of the KLH3 founding fathers) recalled being invited on a run, shortly after his arrival in Johore Bahru in 1932, which chased a paper trail and followed basic Hash rules every week but the club was so magically organized that it had no name. The club flourished in the early 1930’s but is believed to have died out around 1935.

The other branch of our ancestry comes from Malacca, where A. S. (‘G’) Gispert was posted in 1937 and joined a club called the Springgit Harriers, who also operated weekly under Hash rules and are believed to have been formed in 1935. Some months later, ‘Torch’ Bennett visited him and came as a guest on a few runs.

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Hash House Harriers

By 1938, Thomson, Lee, Bennett and Gispert had all moved to K.L. and founded their own club, following the rules they had learnt elsewhere. It was ‘G’ Gispert who was apparently the moving spirit behind the club, though he never acted as On-Sec or a Joint Master. There were probably only about a dozen members of the original HHH, including :

  • A. S. (‘G’) Gispert
  • Cecil Lee
  • ‘Horse’ Thomson
  • ‘Torch’ Bennett
  • Morris Edgar
  • Eric Galvin
  • H.M. Doig
  • John Barrett
  • M.C. Hay

They were soon joined by a few others, including:

  • Frank Woodward
  • Philip Wickens
  • Lew Davidson
  • E.A. Ross

It is not clear that the club actually had a name at the very beginning, but Gispert is credited with proposing ‘The Hash House Harriers’ when the Registrar of Societies required the gathering to be legally registered.

‘Torch’ Bennett technically missed being a founder member, because he was then on leave, but on his return he introduced the first necessary organization – a bank account, a balance sheet and some system. More importantly, he seems, with Philip Wickens who joined later in 1939, to have helped to keep things going immediately after the war.

Sadly, Gispert had only a short time with his extraordinary creation, being killed in the fighting on Singapore Island on February 11th, 1942, whilst serving with the Argylls. Of the original founding fathers of the HHH, Cecil Lee and ‘Horse’ Thompson are still alive, though sadly no longer hashing. The founding members were all British, although Gispert’s origins were Spanish, his parents having migrated to London some time before he was born. Extraordinarily both he and Bennett were accountants, as were Paul Barnard and Jack Bridewell who made a significant contribution to our activities of later years. Some Hash psychiatrist should investigate whether this type of work leads to extreme forms of escapism.

The HHH duly celebrated its 100th run on 15 August 1941, but only 17 runs later was forced into temporary hibernation by the arrival of the Japanese.

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Postwar Rebirth

Post World War II, it was nearly 12 months before the survivors reassembled. ‘Torch’ Bennett put in a claim for the lost hash mugs, a tin bath and two old bags, on the fund set up with the proceeds from confiscated Japanese property and run No. 1 was a trot around the race-course in August, 1946. Subsequent to the 1,000th post war run the celebrations surrounding it were considered to be such a success that the 117 official pre-war runs were added to the total so that we could celebrate the 2,000th run as soon as possible.

With the advent of the Emergency in 1948, the Hash was automatically in bad official odor, as their activities were generally illegal in terms of the curfew imposed on most of the areas around Kuala Lumpur, and in the years 1948-51 they maintained a precarious existence at best. The turn round came with the famous bandit incident at Cheras.

This has been widely misreported, but what actually happened was that below where the Lady Templer Hospital is now, in an area that was then rubber and secondary jungle, the Hares on a darkening and rainy evening came across some men wrapped in ground sheets sleeping on the ground. They turned back to alert the pack and speed on to the Cheras police station, alerting the army, who laid ambushes on tracks leading out of the area and first thing the following morning bagged three bandits trying to break out. One of them was found to have a substantial price on his head and the bounty was sufficient to buy both the hares a new car, though the hounds were apparently of the opinion that it should have been shared amongst them all !

Other colourful incidents related by Cecil Lee, include how ‘Torch’ Bennett once nearly drowned in quicksand, and how on one memorable occasion the erstwhile unathletic ‘G’ was actually leading the pack: sadly his moment of glory was short lived as the paper trail turned to be false. Swimming would seem to have been an unofficial prerequisite for all Hashmen too, for Cecil remembers having had to swim across a mining pool in order to get home after being lost on one occasion, and on another it is reported that several Hashmen ran in to a stream where bathed some unsuspecting Malay maidens. The girls screamed; their menfolk came hurtling to the rescue with unsheathed parangs flashing, and the errant Hashmen broke land speed records in their eagerness to clear the scene.

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The Hash Spreads Out

The second Hash Chapter was founded in Singapore in 1962, followed by Brunei, Kuching and Sandakan in 1963, Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu), Sibu and Miri in 1964, Ipoh and Penang in 1965, making a total of ten chapters who celebrated the 1,000th post-war Hash run in K.L., on 12 March 1966. Sydney was the first chapter created outside Malaysia and Singapore, in 1967, and the worldwide expansion had started, but even by the time of K.L.’s 1,500th run, in 1974, the total was only 35, so the subsequent explosion has been spectacular indeed. The 1996 Harrier International Hash Directory will probably total around 1,600 clubs in over 150 countries and all continents (including Antarctica), where the hash format has to be adapted to environments very different from the neat rows of Malaysian rubber trees amongst which it was conceived. The Kabul HHH understandably foundered, but what can it be like to hash in the deserts of Sinai, the streets of Beijing, the mountains around Addis Ababa or the icy winds of the Falkland Islands?

This text was shamelessy lifted from the Mother Hash Web Site in order to get it “right” from the source.

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The Remaining text is the humble beginning of the Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers


by Red Dog
Revision 1.00, May 1999
V 1.5, June 2002, IUD ; v 2.0 Bumper Bullets and IUD, 2004
Revised March 2014, Manuel Labor

carolinatrashThe Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers was founded in April 1984 by LTC Byron Hoot Hooten and LTC Terry Bush Whacker Brady of the U.S. Air Force. The original name of the Trash was the Carolina Trash Haulers Hash House Harriers. The term Haulers in the original name referred to the practice of Air Force pilots making “trash” hauls which means something or other. This name didn’t last and we are now and forevermore known as the Trash.

The next earliest know Trash document is the sign in sheet from Run #40 from 27 January 1985. The original Book of Trash is still in existence but is missing the first 39 runs. The Hare for run #40 was Pete Bensely and the run began at the Westminister Church on Village Drive. It had 4 runners in the pack, Craig Blasberg who was a relative of the first Grandmaster, Don Blasberg, better known as Warm Beer. George Frink, a newspaper guy. Jerry Thrasher, the head of the local library whose hash name is Smut and Walter Vick, an architect whose name was L.A. which was short for Late Ass.

In the beginning the runners signed into the Book of the Trash using their mortal names. Hash names first appeared in the book at Run 66, 18 August 1985.

The earliest know Trash Hash Note comes from Run #42, 10 February 1985 set by Keith Clayton and Smut beginning at Pope Park near the Cape Fear River. The run apparently involved a river crossing. The hash write up in the book noted that the Hares marked two dead cats on the trail. The note is set forth below;

The Hash Lament

  • You’ve come to a river,
  • Deep and wide,
  • Too Cold to swim across,
  • We hares are gone
  • Nowhere in sight
  • We hope you don’t get lost
  • But have no fear
  • Some help is here
  • Just read between the lines
  • The trail begins
  • anew and fresh,
  • Look to the other side
  • A warning to you!
  • Do not get wet,
  • Stay with ground and cement.
  • Look upstream there,
  • And you will see
  • The answer to your prayer

Ancient Hashers from the First Book of the Trash

  • Warm Beer – Don Blasberg, named at run #65, 11 August 1985 for having warm beer at On Home
  • B.O. Craig Blasberg
  • Wrong Way – Jeff Adams
  • Maggot – Don Bray
  • Smut – Jerry Thrasher
  • Late Ass – Walter Vick
  • Cough – Keith Clayton
  • Splat Tony Gajeski
  • Melanie Gajeski
  • Terry Brady (Founder)
  • Craig Blasberg
  • the Kid Charlie Vickers
  • Coach Bill Rivas
  • George Frink
  • Iceman Jerry Iverson
  • Briar Boy Ralph Zappe
  • Steve Hannah,
  • Hot Tits Claudia Ericson-Ende, well endowed, scantily dressed
  • Kiss my Ass Scott Ash
  • Havana Pete Bensky ( routinely smoked a cigar on trail)
  • Shit Head J.D.
  • Squirt Chuck Adkins (1st run #78 10 November 1985)
  • Greyhound Pete Russo
  • Red Dog Pitt Dickey (1st run #111) 29 June 1986

Semi Ancient Trashers from Rosters in the 3rd Book of the Hash

April 1987 Roster of named Hashers

  • Wrong Way Jeff Adams
  • Squirt Chuck Adkins
  • Mr. Vice Mark Baker
  • Havana Pete Bensley
  • B.O. Craig Blasberg
  • Warm Beer Don Blasberg
  • Maggot Don Bray
  • River Rat Jim Brown
  • Grunt John Buck
  • Swamp Creature Arlen Chapman
  • Kuth Keith Clayton
  • Red Dog Pitt Dickey
  • Buffy Melanie Gajeski
  • Splatt Tony Gajeski
  • Coonskin Norm Gill
  • G-man John Gregory
  • Short & soft Jeff Harrison
  • Ronbo Ron Hilston
  • Tag Along Karen Johnston
  • Killer Bob Keller
  • Horse Mark Ledford
  • Boardwalk Dennis McConnell
  • Insane Lorraine McConnell
  • Big Mac John McMullen
  • Checkless Dwight Reed
  • Coach Bill Rivas
  • Hot Tits Claudia Rohn
  • Crash Cecil Roper
  • Indy Bert Stull
  • Hash Fart King Thompson
  • Smut Jerry Thrasher
  • Tarzan Ross Van lerberghe
  • L.A. Walter Vick
  • The Kid Charlie Vickers
  • Bahama Earl Walter
  • Bird man Jerry Warden
  • Alcatraz Mark Warden
  • Shithead J.D. White
  • Turtle Bob Wolters
  • Magnolia Willie Wright
  • Briar Boy Ralph Zappe

1 September 1989 roster of named Hashers

  • Stinky Dave Bullen
  • Snake lady Gretchen Floyd
  • Dog Breath Walt Henderson
  • Hot Blood Stan Plummer
  • Ranger Steve Pullen
  • Stumpslayer Shawn Schultz
  • Bloodhound Steve Shoup
  • Teats de Swampe Pat Sullivan Florez
  • Pervert Doug Taylor
  • Turtle Boby Wolters
  • Magnolia Willie Wright

July 1990 roster of named Hashers

  • Bare hare
  • Coach
  • Cumtroller
  • Dog Breath
  • Emisus Rex
  • Faggot Flourgirl
  • The kid
  • Last but not yeast infection
  • Le Maggot
  • The Magnolia
  • Monkey Man
  • Nabob
  • One Bitch Barking
  • Prodigal Son
  • Puffin
  • Ranger
  • Red Dog
  • Rolex
  • Snake lady
  • Snowballs
  • Stinky
  • Stumpslayer
  • Swamp Rat
  • Teats De Swampe
  • Thai’d Down Down
  • Turtle
  • Two Dogs Fucking
  • Wet Weenie

June 2002 Roster of Named Hashers

  • AIDS Carrier
  • Alabama Slammer My Ass
  • Anal Hair Pasta
  • Bagless
  • Bald Eagle Driver
  • Ballsnatcher
  • Barf Boy
  • Beaver Trix
  • Binjo Sniffer
  • Bloody Fucker
  • Boob Teaser
  • Briars Ice Milk
  • Buffy the Rump Slayer
  • Bumper Bullets
  • Bung Tung
  • Bustin’ Loose
  • Butt Floss
  • Butt Pirate
  • Can’t Cum
  • Can’t Liquor
  • Casper
  • Cheap Mexican Whore
  • Chocolate Starfish
  • CHUD
  • Clam Juice
  • Critter
  • Cut Up Nice Tities
  • Dead Pussy
  • Deflour
  • Dick Whittler
  • Doogie Hoser
  • Drill’em and Fill’em
  • Dyckfunctional
  • Erectophiliac
  • Father May I
  • Fiber Opdick
  • FLB
  • Fuck it Like you Stole It
  • Golden Dyke
  • Gookamole
  • Great Balls for Hire
  • Have Cum, Will Travel
  • Hemo-goblin
  • Hershey Squirt
  • Hung Solo
  • I Did a Dog
  • Industrial Entrance
  • IUD
  • Ivy Licker
  • J-12
  • Kibbles and Dicks
  • KFC
  • LaBitch Blew
  • Locked Box
  • Lube’em and Tube’em
  • Lucking Fush
  • Lunch and Munch
  • Mac Puppy
  • Mangina
  • Manholio
  • Married with Hashers
  • Melts in our Mouth
  • Menage ‘ A Todd
  • Message from Uranus
  • Mini-meat
  • Miss Hanky
  • Monkey my Wrench
  • More Men the Better
  • Mister Pussy
  • Muff Singer
  • Nacho Mama
  • Niagra Balls
  • One Fuck Short
  • Oral Transgression
  • Panty Gravy
  • PBJ
  • PCP
  • Peaden Dump
  • Prick in Zee Douche
  • Poke Me Now
  • Poison Penis
  • Puppy Polesmoker
  • Pussy Whipt
  • Queen Biach
  • Red Dog
  • Red Snapper
  • Retwated
  • Run Silent Run Deep
  • Saggy Tits
  • Sasquach Crotch
  • Scab Ass Rising
  • Scab Snatcher
  • SCAF
  • Schindler’s Fist
  • Semen Snorter
  • Shaving Ryan’s Privates
  • Shit Clogger
  • Short Round
  • Shut The Fuck Up
  • Snail Trail
  • Splatter Pussy
  • Squirt
  • Stinky
  • Strawberry Snatch 4ever
  • Stump Slayer
  • Sucking Ass Wound
  • Teats De Swamp
  • Thirty Anal Special
  • Thong Master
  • Three Holer
  • Transsiter
  • UPS
  • Whore Durve
  • Whornado Alley
  • Willing to Learn
  • Wrap A Hoe
  • Whore Durve
  • Whornado Alley
  • Willing to Learn
  • Wrap A Hoe

In the beginning the runners signed into the Book of the Trash using their mortal names. Hash names first appeared in the book at Run 66, 18 August 1985.

Warm Beer – Don Blasberg 1985- 1987?
The Kid – Charlie Vickers 1987 -1993
Red Dog – Pitt Dickey 1993-1995 , 2000-2001
Mr. Pussy – Teri Henson 1996
Peaden Dump- Alan Smith 1997
Pivot Man – Dan Belvin 1998
Butt First- Shawn Powell 1999
Muff Singer- Bryon Gallagher 2002
IUD- Ian Davis / Poison Penis- Jim Peterson 2003
Bumper Bullets- Lynn Thornberg / IUD – Ian Davis 2004

Great Moments in Trash History

April 1984 First Hash of the Carolina Trash is set. Adult beverages consumed. Hashers lost. Songs sung. Tasteless events occur. Some things never change.

12 April 1986 100th Hash of the Trash, Set by Ronbo, Wrong Way, Havana & Steve Manis. 27 runners and a commemorative Tee Shirt with Hash logo and 100th run printed on it.

Hashers were:
Warm Beer Blasberg
Briar Boy Zappe
The Coach Rivas
The Kid Vickers
Maggot Bray
Coonskin Gill
W.D Pfieffer
Shit head White
Smut Thrasher
Alex Thrasher
Kuth Clayton
Steve Manis
Bert Stull
Hot Tits
Pat Patterson
Lou Botta
Mark Baker
Tim Bender
Jeff Harrison
Push Up Hannah
LA Vick
Brick Johnek
Bushwhacker Brady

9 January 1988 First S.O.B. Intercourse. The first Trash sponsored interhash occurred at a snowbound South of the Border at beautiful Dillon, S.C. Six inches of snow on the ground. A run by perplexed grave diggers in the snow. . Missed Fantasy organized the event for the Trash. S.C. was represented by the Columbia HHH, featuring Wandering Dick, More Leggs, Baby Doc.

December 1990 First Annual Prom from Hell is held at the Little Berlin Restaurant. A splendid time is had by all.

31 December 1990 Great New Year’s Eve Fire. Red Rambette (Debbie Haas) has the Hash New Year’s Eve party. A fire breaks out in her fire place, the fire department comes and puts it out. All is well. The party continues. Later in the middle of the night, the fireplace catches on fire again and her house burns down totally. Hash Log book Number 2 is destroyed in this fire. Red Rambette is the hare for the New Year’s day hash but the Hash has mercy on her and she doesn’t have to set the trail that day. The Hash has its new year’s day run and goes over to help her move what was left of her stuff out of the smoking ruins. Interestingly enough, there are no runs listed in the 3rd Book of the Trash.

20 January 1991 Fuck Sadaam Hussein Run. Run No. 348. In the midst of the Great Middle Eastern War, the Hash dresses as Arabs, eats pork rinds and belches in the direction of Baghdad in a fit of patriotic fervor.

5 June 1991 369th Run Pub Crawl. Hares Two Dogs Fu*king and Stumpslayer lead the Trash on 3 days of debauchery thru some of Fayetteville’s slimiest taverns.

9 January 1992 First Annual Air Rodeo Hash. Put on by the Trash in connection with the Pope Air Rodeo. Hared by Sky Dyke, Bullwinkle and Backdraft. Multiple international pilot type hashers from all over the world. Terrible rain storm. Bare Hare almost drowns in a culvert. Air Rodeo cancelled the next year so this was the last First and last Air Rodeo Hash.

9 February 1992 Search for Elvis Hash. Beer, bonfires and moonpies. Saluting Elvis’s death, the Trash meets at the Market House in downtown Fayetteville. Speckled Bird dressed as Elvis stops traffic driving around the circle. A funeral goes by and the mourners are cheered up at the sight of Elvis in downtown.

25 September 1993 500th Run. Hares Bullwinkle, Temporary Relief and Aids Carrier. 500 hashes are celebrated as we are now ½ way to a thousand hashes which should occur sometime in the Summer of 2002.

29 April 1994 Trash’s 10th Anniversary Mother Earth Run. A salute to the Mothers of the Hash. Headquartered at the Rodeway Inn out on the 301 Bypass. The day after the hash someone is murdered at that motel.

13 March 1999 800th Run. Massive Adult beverage consumption. Whore D’Urve drives a U-Haul truck packed with Hashers and gets evicted from his apartment due to the post Hash party.

1999 – Whore Durve buys the TRASH BUS!!!!– its first major road trip is from Trash town to Camp Hedon!!!

Sept 2000 – Trash Hosts NC/SC Inter Hash at Raeford Drop Zone! Rained so much almost everyone’s tents flooded. Tinky Winky brought his Gay Gaymes to trash town for the first time, and several Hashers took their 1st ever Tandem Skydive jump. 7 Experienced skydiving Hashers attempted to do a group photo shot with the trash flag, but that didn’t work out too well.

Dec 2000 – Annual Prom held at the Back Door

27-28 January 2001 899.5 and 900th Hash and Pub Crawl: 2001 Trash Odd to See. OT lays sprinkle-ferry Battan Death Trail after a night of debauchery.

4 March 2001 Run 905: The Sharkey’s Incident. The trash adapts to changing start points, gat-pakin’ gangstas, and Fayetteville’s Finest.

4-6 May 2001 CTrH3 Cheap Mexican Hash. KFC and Cheap Mexican Whore host a most excellent weekend of “perfectly acceptable hash behavior” that left hashers crying “Ay Papi, sácalo, que duele!!!”

New Years 2002 Oral Transgression and Run Silent Run Deep lay trail thru the Marketfare Mall. HAZMAT teams close the mall in response to reports of people running and throwing ANTHRAX from a Gold Medal Flour bag. The terror continues

December 6th – 8th , 2002 – PROM FROM HELL & 1000TH HASH

Friday night Pub Crawl. GD was DD for the U-Haul that drove everyone brave enough to get in it to the bars this night. Last bar of the night was John J’s.

Saturday – 1000th hared by Poison Penis, Golden Dyke & Stump Slayer – Nice weather long trail.

Cheap Mexican Whore was bibbed along with Poison getting re-bibbed for his 100th Trash Hash. Lovely mess of a bibbing right down to Muddy Mallard Mole Fucker eating the chunks from the bibbing ingredients that had fallen on the ground. Prom Saturday night was held at the Ramada on 301/Bus95. DJ’d by Cheap Mexican Whore with assistance by Bumper Bullets. Other than dancing, there was of course Beer Pong and security did need to be called in on us a couple of time. I believe the hash is no longer welcome at the Ramada. That is at least until they get new management again. 😉

May 2nd – 4th 2003 CHEAP MEXICAN HASH 2 Hash #1022

Venue: Raeford Drop Zone

Weather – good once the huge WIND storm passed through Friday night breaking tents for several hashers until Saturday night when it poured rain for hours.

Friday night Shooting Star Hash lead by Poison Penis.

Saturday, not only did Cheap and Shitty manage to get their trucks stuck in mud, but so did Whore X 4 as she attempted to get their trucks out. So with this, Scabby & Cinco De Layo set trail with out Cheap. We had a naming and 4 bibbings. Everyone got their trucks out of the mud in time for circle festivities. Laa Laa, Cinco, Black Cock & Bitch Where’s My Hand Job all were nicely bibbed. Cheap Mexican Whore DJ’d for everyone late into the night. Sunday, we had this guy Neil, a skydiver hanging out drinking with us acting a fool, like most we know. So we named him something Cheesy….Whorenado ended up burning Neil’s sneakers because she was cleaning up and when no one spoke up that they belonged to them (mind you, Neil was passed out and couldn’t talk) so in the fire they went! Fiber Opdick also decided it was time to burn Stunt Fiber since he was back state side and wouldn’t be needing the stunt-fill-in any more. Well wouldn’t you know it, but Neil goes down in at least Trash History, of being the only person ever to be banned from the hash. Yes, that’s correct. Banned. Neil wanted to drive home in his very drunken stuper even though he could apparently spit to his house. We had taken his keys from him to prevent this from happening and that’s when he decided to get really pissy and start to threaten people. Well, that got Cheap’s blood boiling and he got right in Neil’s face and said, “That’s it! You’re BANNED from the Hash! If you can’t act like a human being we don’t want you around us.” (or something close to that any way)

Sunday 20July03 Hash #1033 WINS TRAIL OF THE YEAR at Prom

Hares: Stump Slayer, Bumper Bullets & Just Steve – now known as Yucca til Dumb

Venue: Winn Dixie on Hope Mills road

Weather was HOT!!! Perfect day for our Mystery Float Hash

The hounds were off after the hares! After their 1st beer stop behind the Wal-Mart, the hounds were off again through some tunnels and back out and down Camden where what would their wondering eyes should appear???? Stump, Bumper & Yucca….with a truck load of inflated inner tubes….Wahhhoooo…hashers away….grab the kegs and lets tube!!!!

Again, the currents were fast so the tubing only lasted about 30 minutes before reaching our goal of an On Home, which was before Hope Mills Lake as the Hares decided to avoid any further contact with the Hope Mills Police Department on this fine day. While the pack was out tubing, Whorenado was keenly watching over the Trash Bus and saving the On Home from being moved by convincing the owner of that property that we did have permission to be there. 😉 Honest! Well, we did, only we actually crossed over onto his property because we didn’t really know where the “owner” of the property that we had asked to be there had ended. Lucky for us, this guy liked the looks of Whorenado and allowed us to stay! YEAH for WHORENADO!!!!

13 DEC 2003 Prom from Hell

Trash and Trash by injection/secretion gathered next to the Howard Johnson on Eastern Blvd. It was cold and windy. Pre-trail entertainment was the vomiting antics of SCAB ASS RISING. While on trail, WILLING TO LEARN and ANY OLE HOLE WILL DO (AKA THE LESBIAN KING) started a game of “On the Foot.” At prom, Trashers managed to run-off and gang of lesbians and piss off the strippers (WHOOSH got game!!!).

1 April 2004

The 20th Aniversary of The Carolina Trash

22 August, 2004: TRASH FLOATS/DROWNS 2004

The third leg of the annual Trifucta weekend (Triangle, G-spot, and Trash). Pack gathered at Pyrates Sports Bar to brave the aquatic trail hared by STUMP SLAYER and IUD. Famous last words by IUD: “Trail is only 6KM. We should be done in 3 hours.” SIx hours later the hardcore of the pack dragged their water-logged asses back to circle. The brave that decided to do the second leg of the trail were rewarded with having to tube over 2 dams. At the first one, AUNT JEMIMA decided he wanted to hang out in the undertow. The second dam had halong slope on the down stream. A perfect opportunity for SPOOGE BOB, BULL-IT, and DICK SNAIL to portray deliverance-Trashy Style. Advice to QUEEN BIACH: when asking parents for permission to do something dangerous, “But SPOOGE is doing it” is never a good reason. At the circle, those that are left unamiously decide that IUD is banned from haring until October.

Future Tortures

3-5 December 2004 20th Analversary and Trash Prom from Hell

5-8 May 2005 Cheap Mexican Hash III (The Dirty Sanchez)

March 2014 The new Webmeister updates the website, gathers the history, places it in this page, and then informs the reader the reader that the history will continue to be made on trail and unfaithfully recorded for posterity in Tales from Trail. On-on! ML

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