Hashing FAQ

How do I get to be a hasher with the Carolina Trash H3?
Show up! (and don’t let us scare you away after the first time) Our members are continually changing due to the nature of this great city (and FB). Regular participation in our Sunday Hashes and other events will virtually guarantee your membership with one of the most diverse, entertaining, and sometimes down right obnoxious and disgusting crowd of beer drinkers with a running problem that you will ever come across. Once a hasher, always a hasher.
Where can I find out where the hashes start?
You’re here! Click on the CTrH3 Homepage link for the latest information on current and upcoming events. Join the CTrH3 Yahoogroup to get the latests info on the Trash and other Trashable hashing events. If it’s not current enough you can check the Fayetteville Observer Weekender Calendar or the Calendar in the Sunday edition. You can also call or email one of our mismanagement on the Trash Roster.
Why should I hash with the Carolina Trash H3?

10. If you’re going to r_n you should r_n for a purpose, there’s no better purpose than BEER!

9. What else are you doing on a Sunday afternoon that can taste so good and hurt so bad. (That doesn’t increase your family size)

8. Those receive help whom help themselves. So help yourself to BEER!

7. If you’re all alone and you want to pound something, pound the pavement, and then pound some BEER!

6. We aid environmental conservation by removing large portions of thorny underbrush, razor-grass, and swamp foliage (all known as SHIGGY!) from the areas pristine pine forests!

5. We contribute greatly to the local economy donating large sums of cash in return for ample supplies of CHIG AWAY, OFF, BAND-AIDS, OINTMENT, ICE, soda, and BEER!

4. Our friends, neighbors, and families tire quickly of us r_nning through every room of the house jumping over furniture, bulling through closets and destroying ornamental shrubbery only to stand defiantly on the porch afterward as if we conquered the world doing a down-down with our preferred beverage.

3. Nothing cleans out the system better than flushing out the bladder and breathing really hard. (Even better is the occasional download on the trail or an unexpected projectile Down-Up right after one too many Down-Downs)

2. Our program is better than any twelve-step program out there. How many steps do you think is in a 3-5 Miler? And thanks to the occasional BEER NEAR no one goes cold turkey.

And the #1 reason- BEER!

Who should Hash?

DOWN-DOWN- The act of quickly consuming your preferred beverage.

DOWN-UP- (or the REVERSE DOWN-DOWN)- The (usually) involuntary act of losing your favorite beverage from the direction it came and usually much more quickly than it went down-down.

ON-ON- When you are (or think you are) following the true trail. Shouted by hashers when on trail. Also signified by blowing whistles.

ON-ON-ON – A casual gathering following the conclusion of a Hash. Most often at Fat Daddy’s.

HASH HYMN- Some of the most illustrious lyric and melody than man has ever created. (There once was a man from Kent, whose …etc. etc.)

HASH HOUSE HARRIERS- Basically beer-drinkers with a r_nning problem and people wanting to have a good time. For more info see the Trash Links Page.

SHIGGY!- Anything that catches, cuts, trips, or generally sucks to r_n through. Briars, swamps, creeks, razor-grass etc. It sucks so good and we like it!

What can I expect if I am brave (or stupid) enough to show up?
Basically be ready to meet some friendly, entertaining, extrovert, and just plain odd people. We begin at a start point where the Hares take off 15 minutes before the pack laying a trail with flour or chalk through the streets, woods, briars, swamps, and creeks of Cumberland County. The pack then tries with varying degrees of success to follow the trail left by the dubious Hares. What makes this all worth the effort is BEER! (and soda). BEER at the start point, one or more BEER STOPS on the trail, and BEER at the finish point. The ON-AFTER usually involves FOOD and BEER! Bring a sense of humor, an appetite for your favorite beverage, and possibly a change of clothes in a small bag. Don’t worry about the r_nning part. FRB’s (Front R_nning Bastards) as well as walkers are equally welcome. What’s important is getting off your lazy ass, having a good time and meeting people.

Where did this all start?
coming soon…