Trash Trail # 1758


Hares:Foot Fetish, Capt'n Jack & Just Emily

From 2:00pm

At Lake Rim (Park in the tiny,gravel parking lot)

7489 Raeford Road Fayetteville,NC 28304

Come run cum someone, for trail by the swamp. Captain Jack, Foot fetish, and just Emily are hiking you up with a nice easy trail before Jack hits 40 and needs a walker. There will be shiggy, there might be boobs. Be prepared to get wet and dirty. Trail is not dog friendly. What to bring:$5 hashcash, monies for hab and on-after,boobs,a dry bag,a virgin to sacrifice to G,boobs,a flotation device if you cant swim,a vessel,bewbs, and a sense of adventure and thirst for beer. See you wanks in circle!

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