Trash Trail #1756


Hares: EVAO & Splooge McFuckface

From 2:00pm

At Splooge McFuckfaces' Mansion

859 Cliffs Circle Spring Lake,NC 28390

Cum one, cum all to this weeks TRASH trail hared by the always beautiful Extra Virgin Anal Oil and the sometimes entertaining Splooge McFuckface! The weather is starting to warm up, so all you fair weather hashers need to dust off those trail shoes and suit up for one hell of a trail. GATE CODE(because they fancy like that) #0994. Please park by the garages. Apartment will be STRAIGHT ahead, NOT to the right. Park your car and look for hashers. What to bring: trail shoes, boobs, a vessel, $5 for hash cash, a virgin or two (with boobs), extra monies for hab & on-after, a dry bag, kilt, happi coat, some dry shoes, boobs, and a sense of adventure and unquenchable thirst for beer. Trail is A to A. See you wanks in circle.

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