Trash Trail #1753


Hare: Soggy Bottom Boys

From 2pm

At Behind Salsa & Beers/Old Speakeasy

3983 Sycamore Dairy Road Fayetteville,NC 28303

Welcum wankers to this weeks Carolina mother-fuckin' Trash trail! Lets show Soggy some love for haring trail the same weekend as a major hash event. Drag your hungover asses out to trail for the most fun you'll have for $5. What to bring:$5 hashcash, a drybag, boobs, a vessel from which you shall drink the nectar of the gods from, boobs, virgins we can sacrifice to G, and a love of fun & adventure. Remember to save the drama for your mama's llama and keep that shit at home. See you wanks on trail!

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