Trash Trail #1751


Hares:Smells Like 20's & Cum and Oink N Boink

From 2:00pm

At Behind Sports Academy

2100 Skibo Road Fayetteville,NC 28314

Apparently Oink decided he did not punish our livers enough for black dress. Apparently 20's and Cum DOES ACTUALLY HASH BRO. Apparently they've decided to join forces and present to us this weeks TRASH trail....Soooo WELCUM wankers to this weeks TRASH trail. What to bring: trail cloths, boobs, a vessel, shiggy shocks, $5 hashcash, more boobs, a virgin or two, a dry bag for after trail, titties, and a thirst for adventure and beer! See you wanks at circle! On-After:Buffalo Wild Wings

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