Trail # 1791


Awful Twatful, I'm Not Drinking Tonight, & Just Cody

From 2pm

At Food Lion. Park out front and walk around to the back

342 North Eastern Blvd. Fayetteville,NC 28301

Bored at home? Can't move because of a turkey coma? Don't sweat it! I'm Not Drinking Tonight, Awful Twatfull, and Just Cody have something awesome and sparkly to do! Hopefully Cody can prove to us that he deserves a name. So wankers get out here and partake in some classic trash debauchery! Trail will be A to A and Not dog friendly. Bring those dry bags, shiggy socks, boobies, flotation devices( basically boobies), hashcash, extra monies for hab/on-after, some really fresh virgins for trail, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure and beer! Hope to see you wanks in circle!!!!View The Pack

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