Trail #1788


TOTs, I'm Not Drinking Tonight, & Snicker Dicker Doodle

From 2pm

At Behind the Old Bi-Lo

3333 North Main Street Hope Mills, NC 28348

Weelllcuuuum wankers to this weeks TRASH trail. Please cum and show the love to TOT's(Tap on Titties or Titties on Tap,Your Choice) as she leads us on her final trash trail for a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNG time. No naming, no bibbings (maybe), just straight up trail!!!!!! What to bring:$5 hashcash, shiggy socks, your big girl panties, a dry bag, extra money for hab and on-after, titties, dicks for the chicks, more tits, a virgin to sacrifice to the hash gods, and an incredible thirst for adventure and beer! Hope to see you wanks in circle.View The Pack

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