Trail #1776


Hares: Trashy Transvestite & Stump Slayer

From 2pm

At Behind Harris Teeter. All the way in the back parking lot. Look for hashers!

2800 Raeford Road Fayetteville,NC 28303

Welcum wankers to this weeks very special TRASH trail. Why is it special? 1) It's patriotic-1776! Show your american pride and wear red,white, and blue. 2) Did you see who the hares are? You know it's going to be a fantastic trail. They recommend you bring headlamps, knee-pads, and gloves. Leave vessels behind in the beer truck this week. They're going to take you to deep,dark places and get you dirty! If you're claustrophobic you may want to sit this one out!! Trail is A to B and NOT dog friendly AT ALL. What to bring: $5 hashcash, shiggy socks, boobs, dry bag for later, a virgin to pass around, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure and BEER. See you beautiful people in circle!!View The Pack

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