Trail # 1775


Hares: 150sex Degrees, Sponge Bob Shit Pants, Tonsil Tang & Just Kevin

From 2pm

At Pyrates

651 West Manchester Road Spring Lake, NC 28390

There is a legendary white truck, a truck that delivers the nectar of the gods. Y’all come out Sunday and join this shifty group of Wanks on trail to find it, with the promise of shiggy, water, and tasty beverages. Brought to you by 150 Sex Degrees, Spongebob Shitpants, Tonsil Tang, and Just Kevin. All you need is $5 Hash cash, a dry bag, flotation device, (boobs may be used), a virgin or eleventy, shiggy socks, boobs, a thirst for cold beer, and a good laugh. A to A, on-after at Pyrates. Too hot for dogs, but probably too cold for dc’s. Hope to see you wanks in circle!View The Pack

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