Trail # 1773


Mission Assquire & Elmo's Fuck Buddy

From 2:00pm

At Last Call

5395 Ramsey Street Fayetteville,NC 28311

Every once in awhile an event not too far away brings us some very, daring hares who say 'fuck yeah I wanna lay trail on Sunday!' So may I present to you this weeks TRASH trail brought to us by two beautiful, visiting harriettes. It may not be long, it could very well be shiggilicious, either way, its a trail and it starts at one of our favorite drinking establishments. Trail will be A to A. Leave the pups at home, its hot out. What to bring: $5 hashcash, bewbs for them harriettes, a dry bag, shiggy socks, money for on-after, boobies, a hangover, and the lust for more beer and adventure; just in case you didn't get enough at Trifuckta. Hope to see you wanks in circle! On-After: Last Call. They'll have free food! View The Pack

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