Trail # 1770


Hares:I'll Give You Something to TACObout & I'm Not Drinkin' Tonight (LIAR)

From 2:00pm

At Texas Pond

2298 Honeycutt Road Fayetteville,NC 28311

Welcum wankers to this week's patriotic TRASH trail. Wear your red,white,blue, and a bathing suit too. Our hares are determined to make you wet this Sunday! Trail is A to A and dog friendly, but ONLY if your pupper is a strong swimmer. The address posted is only a guide. Travel down a little further and look for a gravel parking lot and hashers! What to bring: $5 hashcash, boobs to use as a flotation device, shiggy socks, a dry bag, more boobs to use as a flotation device, a virgin to sacrifice to G, and a willingness to quest for adventure and beer. I hope to see you wanks in circle.

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