Trail # 1769-Lingerie Run!


Inspecther Gadget & Cock Processing Unit

From 2:00pm

At Behind Labor Force

330 North Eastern Blvd Fayetteville,NC 28301

Trail number #1769 you say? That has Larrikins written ALL over it! And if the Larrikins cum to hare then be prepared for a LINGERIE RUN! That's right folks, this week these beautiful harriettes are hosting a lingerie run in Fayetteville. Let's be smart about this though y'all. We are in Fayetteville and not at a campout. We ask that you exercise some kind of caution so you don't get shot or arrested. Go ahead and park around back. Trail is A to A and is dog friendly, as long as they are leashed. What to bring: $5 hashcash, shiggy socks to match your sexy lingerie, a dry bag, boobs, a virgin, bewbs, and that undying thirst for adventure and beer. Leave the drama at home. We don't need none of that. Hope to see you wanks in circle!

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