Trail # 1768


Humpty Dumpty in My Cunty,Pinky and the TrainBang, Will Spread For Mayo, & Lady

From 2:00pm

At Behind the Abandoned Food Lion

6575 Fisher Road Fayetteville,NC 28304

Welcum wankers to a very special TRASH trail as we say goodbye to two of our favorites, Will Spread For Mayo & Lady In The Streets, Shitter In The Sheets. Humpty and Pinky had already claimed this weekend but were kind enough to let em join as they say On-Out :( As a way of saying goodbye, your hashcash will go towards getting Mayo and Lady a gift card for their new fuck trophy!!!!! Trail will be A to A and NOT dog friendly. What to bring: $5 hashcash, shiggy socks, bewbs for Mayo, a dry bag, dicks for Lady and the other ladies, boobs, extra monies for hab and on-after, and an undying thirst for adventure and beer! Can't wait to see you wanks in circle!

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