Trail # 1762:Fahr & Hokies On-Out/Just Mary


Awful Twatful, COD, Fahr & Just Mary

From 2:00pm

400 Karen Street Fayetteville, NC 28312

It’s a Sunny Day (we hope) in May and all you wankers hear this: Just Mary (not for long) will be hosting this weeks Trash Trail #1762, along with Call of Dildo, FahrfromFucken and Awful Twatfull!!! If everything pleases the Trashers, then maybe Just Mary will get named.  This is also the On-Out trail for Hokie Poke Me and Fahrfromfucken, so let’s give them a proper Trash farewell they shall never forget. Soooooo, bring your shiggy gear and shoes that will get muddy! Eye-pro and gloves for jerking off those thorn bushes might be nice to have too! There is a slight possibility that you may have to swim, but nothing that you can’t doggy paddle out of. don’t park at the residence (the Sheriff Deputy is grumpy and on night shift) drive past the barn and park in the designated area marked.Pre-lube (BYOB) @1:00pm will be at the same location, just walk back up to the barn. Both Gates will remain open Trail is A to A and recommend not to bring dogs (Just Mary’s dog is a complete bitch) Bring $5 Hash Cash (and extra money for Hab), virgins, a vessel, boobs/balls, and your A-game for FUN! On-After will be at Last Call Sports Bar See all y'all wanks in circle!!!

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