Trash Trail #1760:Cheap Mexican Campout


Hares: 150 Sex Degrees & Will Spread for Mayo

From 1:00pm

At Stump Slayer's Immigrant Resort & Hideout

317 Bostic Road Rockfish, NC 28376

Welcum wankers to this weeks special SATURDAY trail!!!! Even though you aren't able to attend the entire weekend event, we do like to offer trail for anyone who'd like to cum. HOWEVER: YOU MUST LEAVE AFTER TRAIL IS OVER. You did not pay extra to continue drinking beer and eat the food that people have paid for. We'd like to hope you are adult enough to leave on your own, but in case you aren't you will be asked to leave by mismanagement. If you're too drunk, we'll happily contact an Uber for you. What to bring: $5 hashcash, dry bag, bewbs,dicks, and a thirst for adventure & beer. Remember:THERE IS NO TRAIL ON SUNDAY!!!

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