Chalk Talk

Symbols you will likely see when hashing with the Trash


HASH MARK- Follow these to stay on trail.


DEAD TRAIL- You’re on a false trail, go back to last CHECK MARK.


CHECK MARK- The trail can go in any number of directions from this mark. One or more trails may be false trails. Also a chance for the pack to catch up with the FRB’s.


TITTY CHECK- Same as CHECK MARK but all male hashers are duty bound to wait at the TC until a female hasher requests their help in finding the trail by displaying that portion of her anatomy. Modest females may continue the trail on their own leaving those poor slobbering bastards waiting at the TC. Rarely seen is the DC which is the same idea but with the roles reversed.


DICK CHECK- Same as TITTI CHECK but with the roles reversed. It’s usually too cold for this one.

WHICHWAY- The trail could go either way, usually one is a false trail, or worse, a YBF.

YBF- You’ve been F*cked! You have just followed a very long false trail and must go back to the last WHICHWAY or CHECK MARK.

CHECK BACK- You must go back the number of marks shown to find the true trail.


SINGAPORE BACK CHECK- Every mark from the SBC back to the last check/true trail/which way/LMU/etc. is considered a check, and trail could go in any of 369 hash degrees.

TRUE TRAIL- This is the NO SH*T real thing.

BEER NEAR- The reason for putting yourself through all of the pain.


HASH NOTE- The cunning hares have left (hopefully) legible special instructions on an action to be taken, a Hash Game, or how to find the trail.

ON HOME- The pain is almost over and the debauchery will soon begin.

Hash Help #1- If you are hopelessly lost listen for the whistles, it’s probably somebody who thinks they are ON-ON, go that way.

Hash Help #2- If you are ON-ON, hopelessly lost, or not sure and you hear sirens, go the other way!