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Thirsty Thursday

Free beer for all the hashers, free beer for all the hashers….that’s right. I said free beer. This weeks’ TT includes a free keg which we were unable to consume during prom. So kilt up and bring your favorite $5 friend. Hope to see you wanks at the bar.

Thirsty Thursdy: Prom Pre-Lube!!!!!

I think the title explains it all! For some reason about 200 of our closest friends will be descending onto this fair city this weekend. Cum have some tasty beverages as we begin to receive these traveling wankers. We know Helicunter will be serving up some delicious food and drinks, as well as have his $1 PBR drafts! Looking forward to seeing you all as we kick off PROM weekend!!!

The Most Fun Thirsty Thursday Ever!!!!

Do you need to forget you’re an adult? Do you need some straight up FUN in your life? Well the 2017 Trash MM (and Whitey) has your back!!!! Stop Button is allowing us entry for $5 for all the FREE play (I said free play, not fore play you perv) games you could ever ask for!!!! Not only that, but they’ll be serving up $2 16 oz PBR’s ALLLLLLLLLLL night! So kilt up and challenge your friends to all the arcade games you can!!!! Tell them you’re with the Carolina Trash at the door. And lets be a little respectful y’all. It may be a TT, but there might be some families present. I can’t wait to see y’all in line to play Mortal Combat ;)~

Thirsty Thursday

Since this weeks’ TT falls on Thanksgiving we have decided to not name a place for TT. It’s your choice. Get with your friends and figure out where you can eat, drink, and be merry together. We’ll resume our regular scheduled TT next week.

Thirsty Thursday

It’s that time of the week to gather round a frosty beverage and forget about the week you just had. Come hang out with Just Christina and get to know her as we prepare to possibly name this harriette on Sunday. Kilt up and show your hashy pride. The good news about this week? We’ll already be at TT on-after!

Thirsty Thursday

Heeeeeyyyyy you guuyyysss….Come to TT this week and drink some tasty beverages with our soon to be named Just Rob. He requested it, so we shall show up. Get to know him a little better so Sunday the names shall flow through you! Hope to see you wanks at the bar.