A drinking club with a running problem.

Welcome to the online home of the Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers. We are an ADULT social club of beer drinkers with a running problem. CTrH3, AKA, “The Trash,” has been laying trail and causing general debauchery in Fayetteville, North Carolina since 1984.

The Trash meets every Sunday (regardless of the weather) at 2 PM for a 3-5 mile trail. The Trash is open to all levels of fitness and mayhem. Cost is $5.00 (free for firs-time hashers aka “Virgins”) to cover BEER (must be 21 or older), beverage, and sometimes munchies. Bring a whistle and a change of warm dry clothes.

To find out more, check out some of these links below, then get off your ass and come to trail!

  • Meet The Hashers-A list of hashers who thought it was a swinger’s directory they were adding their names to.
  • Our History-We have no rules, but we are governed by tradition.
  • Chalk Talk-So you decided to pay us a little visit. Now, what the hell are those marks on trail?

A short (but thick) tutorial from some kennel in CA I think: